review1-compressor “I got into BJJ late in life 45yo. I grew up wrestling, but not something you usually do after college. I’ve worked in sports medicine for years and taken care of many MMA athletes on all levels. Time and time again I was told by instructors & students about Yanni’s technical expertise and how his ability to teach was excellent. I couldn’t agree more. It’s a great place with a great group of men & women to train with. I’ve been there for over 2 yrs now & love it. It’s a great work out & even better stress reliever. No one is out to kill you but at the same time, you can train as hard as you want to. Very low key welcoming atmosphere. He has great prices & no contract lock down. When you have a great product, you don’t need to force a contract on someone. Give it a try, even if you’re remotely interested. It’s a very motivating way to stay fit and learn some cool useful techniques.”
– Michael Gerne

review1-compressor “After training in various martial arts over the last 17 years, I can easily say head instructor Yanni is one of the best coaches and instructors in the game. Whether you or your child are brand new to martial arts, or your looking to up your game for competition, you will be more than happy with Uptop Martial Arts.”
– Greg Mendez

review1-compressor “Up Top is a great place for kids and adults to learn and practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Yanni is a very knowledgeable and patient teacher. It is a total mind and body workout. If you’re looking to try BJJ, go to Up Top!”
– Pam Saft

review1-compressor “My daughter has been training at Up Top for the last four years and it’s like a 2nd home to us. Yanni is an amazing instructor who has cares about his students and always pushes them to excel.”
– Maryam Wolke

review1-compressor “Great school! Yanni does an awesome job articulating techniques in a way that makes learning easy. Can’t recommend enough.”
– Jon Fazio

review1-compressor “Yanni is by far the best instructor around. He has well run classes for kids and adults. I highly recommend his programs!”
– David Ross

review1-compressor “The instruction at up top is incredible. Yanni is not only a wealth of knowledge, but has an unrivaled passion for the art. Some of the most accomplished competitors and instructors in the region seek him out for advice.”
– Brian McLaughlin

review1-compressor “By far the best school I’ve ever attended. Yanni has an amazing attention to detail when it comes to taking techniques. He takes the time to work with you if you ever have a question!!!”
– Gustavo Recinos

review1-compressor “I love this place. I do not live in the area but I have been dropping by for over 10 years. Yanni might be the best kept secret in NJ. Many top competitors have walked through these doors for top notch instruction and high level training. The environment is very inviting, especially for new students.”
– Ben Sherman

review1-compressor “Excellent academy. Very welcoming environment and great rolls. Professor Yanni has a positive attitude and is fantastic towards his students.”
– Christian Davis

review1-compressor “I now live 45 minutes away from Up top, but the trip is very worth it. I will not go anywhere else to train BJJ.”
– Erik Tracy

review1-compressor “I trained at Up Top only for a few months back in 2011 but quit training due to health issues. I recently picked up training jiu jitsu again at a school that is closer to me, and stopped in at Up Top for a couple of open mat sessions. Yanni remembered me and welcomed me back with open arms.

The team here is incredibly skilled, very friendly and welcoming. Yanni’s skill and his acumen as a teacher are second-to-none. All you need to do is talk with some of his past students such as myself, or other black belts in the area that have trained with him, to get an idea of just how solid a practitioner and teacher he is.

This is one of the best martial arts schools in the area and Brazilian jiu jitsu is truly a life-changing art. I would give my highest recommendation to Up Top and urge everyone to reach out to Yanni to try a class. You won’t regret it.
– Jon Eckrich

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