Welcome New Students

I’d like to take a minute and welcome Ashley Nafash (Adults) and Savannah Kazan (Future Champs) to the team. Ashley is looking to become a police officer and is excited to start training that may somehow benefit her out in the field. Savannah recently joined our youngest group, the future champs, and I’m happy to see some new faces in the fun class. Looking forward to working with these two in class.

Stripe Promotions

Kids Program: Congratulations to Anthony Melhado (1st stripe white), Teagan Galardi (1st stripe white), Hudson Galardi (1st s tripe white) and Gwenyth Galardi (1st stripe white) on their promotions this week in class.
Adult Program: Congratulations to Bill Mulligan (1st stripe white) on his stripe promotion in class today.
Keep up the great work!

Weekly Curriculum (Top game: Mount)

This week we are back to working on the top game. Specifically, we will be working on passing the guard, achieving the mount, and submitting once there.

Fundamentals Class

Class 1:

  • Closed guard pass
  • Transition from side control to mount
  • S-Mount Armbar

Class 2:

  • Pass half guard to mount
  • Gift wrap to the armbar
  • Gift wrap to back

All Levels Class

  • Kneeslide pass, transition to mount
  • Cross collar choke
  • S-mount armbar

Advanced Class

  • Pass De La Riva Guard using leg weave to mount
  • Monoplata
  • Overhook Armbar details

No Gi Class

  • Half butterfly pass to mount
  • Arm triangle
  • Back take to RNC

Looking forward to a great week of classes!