Welcome New Students

I’d like to take a minute and welcome Richard DiZenzo to the team. Richard comes to us as a referral from Jamal Mustafa who has been doing his best to refer all of his friends to the program, many thanks. Richard comes to us with a wrestling background, so I’m looking forward to seeing him apply his wrestling skills to the Jiu-Jitsu game.

Stripe Promotions

Kids Program: Congratulations to Ayman Mohammed (2nd stripe white), Gia DeStefano(2nd stripe white), Mason Renner (2nd stripe white), Maksim Milevski (3rd stripe white) and Joe Catalano (2nd stripe gray) on their stripe promotions in class this week.
Adult Program: Congratulations to Denis Bulfoni (1st stripe blue) and Alex Pacamarra (1st stripe white) on their stripe promotions in class this week in class this week.
Keep up the great work!

Weekly Curriculum (Back Attacks)

This week we will be practicing taking the back. Taking the back is one of the most dominant positions in Jiu-Jitsu. Once you take an opponent’s back, it is generally easier to stay ahead for the rest of the match, so this is a position we all seek to attain when training.

Fundamentals Class

Class 1:

  • Take the Back from Turtle
  • Rear Naked Choke
  • Armbar from back

Class 2:

  • Take the back from turtle
  • Cross Collar Choke
  • Escape back control

All Levels Class

  • Defend single leg and take back
  • Use kimura to take the back
  • Arm trap rear naked choke

Advanced Class

  • Reverse half guard back take
  • Rolling back take
  • Bow and arrow choke

No Gi Class

  • Stack pass, force turtle to the back
  • Straight jacket rear naked choke
  • Reverse Triangle

Looking forward to a great week of classes!