IBJJF NY Fall Open Results

This weekend was the IBJJF NY Fall Open held in City College, NY. As usual, the IBJJF tournaments attract some of the toughest and most technical Jiu-Jitsu competitors from the area and I was very happy to see 3 of our competitors go out there and test themselves.

Laurent Rotondella against a strong competitor from Unity BJJ. Lauren started strong, but unfortunately made some tactical mistakes and ended up losing her first match on points. Time for some adjustments and onto the next one.

Joe Meola had a great showing with 3 hard matches. Joe was able to use his strong open guard game to secure his first two wins, but lost in the finals. Silver medal for his efforts, great work!

Christian Rohn had his best performance yet winning 4 tough matches. He was able to win his first match via submission (kimura) and win the rest of his matches on points. Each match was tougher than the last. Christian was able to take home a well-deserved gold medal, making him our first blue belt to take home a gold medal in an IBJJF adult gi division (he was also our first white belt). Keep up the great work!

Stripe Promotions

Kids Program: Congratulations to Gavin Wiltshire (3rd stripe white), Chad Thompson (2nd stripe gray) and Olivia Wolke (1st stripe yellow) on their stripe promotions this week in class.
Adult Program: Congratulations to Jon Fazio (3rd stripe blue) and Henry Lotero (4th stripe white) on their stripe promotions in class this week.
Keep up the great work!

Weekly Curriculum (Half Guard and Butterfly Guard)

So this week we will be working on the bottom game again. We will be focusing on techniques from the half guard and butterfly guard. These are some good techniques to use when your opponent is using a lot of pressure and passing from the knees.

Fundamentals Class

Class 1:

  • Escape mount to half guard
  • Half guard to back
  • Basic half guard sweep

Class 2:

  • Escape mount to buttefly guard
  • Butterfly hook sweep
  • guillotine from hook sweep

All Levels Class

  • Basic half guard sweep
  • Twist back sweep
  • Counter back step to leg drag

Advanced Class

  • Basic entry to deep half guard
  • Deep half guard to back
  • Deep half guard lapel sweep

No Gi Class

  • Butterfly hook sweep
  • Hook sweep to x-guard
  • X-guard to the back

Looking forward to a great week of classes!