Thanksgiving Schedule

Please note that we will be closed from Thursday, November 28th through Saturday, November 30th. We will be open for open mat on Sunday, December 1st and resume our regular schedule afterwards.

Holiday Open Mat

Anyone interested in getting some training in on Thursday, we will be joining Pure MMA in Rockaway, NJ for their annual Thanksgiving Open mat from 11 AM – 1 PM. See you guys there!

Sakura Superfight Series

On Saturday night, our friends at Sakura BJJ in Dover, NJ hosted another night of superfights featuring local talent in 10-minute submission-only matches. Our very own Lauren Rotondella competed in a women’s blue belt match and was able to win by armbar from the guard in under 2 minutes. Great work, Lauren! Looking forward to the next show.

Stripe Promotions

Adult Program: Congratulations to Michael Agres (1st stripe white) on his stripe promotion in class this week.
Keep up the great work!

Welcome New Students

I’d like to take a minute and welcome Gabriel Wiltshire and Ava Milevski to the team in our kids program. Gabriel came as a referral from his older brother, Gavin and Ava came as a referral from her younger brother, Maksim. It’s always good to see siblings training together. I look forward to seeing them progress with the other kids in our program.

Weekly Curriculum (Submissions and Defense)

This is the final week of our 10-week cycle. In class, we will be working on some submission attacks and submission/position defenses that don’t quite fit in our other topics.

Fundamentals Class

Class 1:

  • Escape side control to guard
  • Escape side control using the armbar
  • Escape side control to the knees

All Levels Class

  • Escape triangle by framing
  • Escape triangle by turning the corner
  • Escape omoplata by rolling

Advanced Class

  • Escape north/south to the back
  • Escape north/south to guard (with triangle attack)
  • Defend kimura

No Gi Class

  • Escape back (standard variation)
  • Escape back (overhook side)
  • Defense against kimura trap

Looking forward to a great week of classes!