Brian Mclaughlin Seminar

I’m very excited to host my good friend, Brian McLaughlin for a special No Gi seminar next week. Those who have trained with Brian know that not only is he incredibly skilled on the mat, but also a very passionate teacher with a lot to offer, especially in the very popular no gi and mma side of things. The seminar will be on Sunday, December 15h from 12:00 – 2:30 PM. In the meantime, check out his tournament highlight:

Latest Renovations

This weekend we made some renovations to the training room and got rid of our iconic broken mirrors. Although the mirrors had it’s benefits, they weren’t practical for a grappling school. Big thank you to all of the students who volunteered their time this weekend to get it done.

Welcome New Students

I’d like to take a minute and welcome Stefano Recupero, Jackson Rosendahl and Mark Rosendahl to the team. Stefano joins our adult program and Jackson & Mark joins our youngest group, the future champs. Looking forward to seeing them develop along with the other students currently in our program.

Stripe Promotions

Kids Program: Congratulations to Adrian Aguirre (4th stripe white) and Jayson Gagliostro (1st stripe gray white) ) on their promotions this week in class.
Keep up the great work!

Weekly Curriculum (Closed Guard)

We are back to week 1 of our curriculum cycle. This week we will be working from the Closed Guard. Closed guard is a strong and safe position which can slow down a match against an aggressive opponent. We will be working on this position from the bottom this week.

Fundamentals Class

Class 1:

  • Armbar from the guard
  • Triangle from armbar defense
  • Omoplata from triangle defense

Class 2:

  • Scissor sweep
  • shin smash triangle
  • triangle armbar

All Levels Class

  • Flower sweep
  • Belly down armbar
  • Figure-four armbar details

Advanced Class

  • Omoplata sweep
  • Kneebar
  • Connect to x-guard

No Gi Class

  • Pendulum sweep
  • Taking the back from closed guard
  • Belly down armbar

Looking forward to a great week of classes!