Brian Mclaughlin Seminar

I’m very excited to host my good friend, Brian McLaughlin for a special No Gi seminar next week. Those who have trained with Brian know that not only is he incredibly skilled on the mat, but also a very passionate teacher with a lot to offer, especially in the very popular no gi and mma side of things.

The seminar will be on Sunday, December 15h from 12:00 – 2:30 PM and will cost $40.

Here is our facebook event for the seminar:

In the meantime, check out his tournament highlight:

Welcome New Students

I’d like to take a minute and welcome Daniel Gormley-Rahn to the team. Daniel had trained with us nearly 10 years ago but had to stop due to going into the military and moving around. Now, he’s back in the area and I’m excited to see him develop alongside the rest of the students in our adult program.

Weekly Curriculum (Passing the Guard)

It’s week two of our curriculum cycle and we will be focusing on passing the guard. It’s no secret that the students at Up Top have fantastic guards. Learning how to shut down the guard attacks and pass the guard is important to learn. We will be working on staying on top to gain dominant positions.

Fundamentals Class

Class 1

  • Open closed guard standing with sleeve grip
  • Leg trap pass
  • Knee slide pass

Class 2

  • Open closed guard by tripod
  • Double under stack pass
  • Knee slide pass

All Levels Class

  • Pass De La Riva guard using the knee slide pass
  • Leg weave pass
  • Switch back to knee slide pass

Advanced Class

  • Pass single leg x-guard using backstep
  • Pass single leg x-guard using leg weave
  • Pass single leg x-guard using leg drag

No Gi

  • Counter knee shield to half guard pass
  • Nearside underhook pass
  • Kimura pass

Looking forward to another great week of classes.