Holiday Party

This year, we will be holding our annual holiday party on Saturday, December 28th here at the school. Our kids party will be at 5:00 PM and our adults will be at 7:00 PM. It should be a fun time to hang out with the team in a non-training environment. I hope everyone can make it.

Renzo Gracie Denville In-house Tournament

After the new year, we are hoping to see some of our students back in the competition circuit. Our friends at Renzo Gracie Denville will be hosting an in-house tournament between them and a few other schools that we are all friendly with.

This is a friendly, low-pressure environment at a school rather than at a big venue. They will have divisions for kids of all ranks, adult white & blue belts as well as a special adult advanced no gi submission-only division.

The cost is $30 for early registrations and $40 for late registrations after January 6th. We will have registration forms in the office this week. I hope we can get some participation from everyone.

Weekly Curriculum (De La Riva Guard)

This week we will be specializing our open guard work, by looking at some attacks from the de la riva guard. This is a very strong distance guard designed to keep our opponents off balance and keep their weight off. Looking forward to drilling this position in detail this week.

Fundamentals Class

Class 1

  • Open Guard Retention Drill
  • Inverted Guard Retention Drill
  • Collar & Sleeve Triangle

Class 2

  • Open Guard Retention Drill
  • Inverted Guard Retention Drill
  • Tripod sweep

All Levels Class

  • Overhead sweep
  • Collar & Sleeve Omoplata
  • Armbar from omoplata

Advanced Class

  • Pull DLR + Guard Retention
  • Collar Drag when opponent steps back
  • Connecting to single leg x-guard

No Gi

  • Waiter sweep
  • Waiter sweep to the back
  • Attacking the calf slicer/back take