New Brown Belt!

Congratulations to Rey Guedes on his well deserved promotion to brown belt this week. Rey has been with us a very long time and is very helpful working with lower belts in class and open mats. He is a wealth of knowledge and it’s great to see him with this senior rank around his waist. Keep up the great work!

School Closings

Please be aware that we will be closed on Tuesday, December 31st for New Year’s Eve. We will be open the rest of the week for our regular schedule.

New Year’s Eve Open Mat

For anyone interested in getting some training in on Tuesday, we will be joining Pure MMA in Rockaway, NJ for their annual New Year’s Eve Open mat from 11 AM – 1 PM. See you guys there!

Welcome New Students

I’d like to take a minute and welcome Kevin Antero and Vincent Thornton to the team. Vincent is joining our youngest group, the future champs, and I look forward to seeing him develop alongside the rest of our kids team. Kevin is joining our adult program and comes from a wrestling background and is currently a police officer. It’s always great to see someone in law enforcement training to help them out in the field.

Weekly Curriculum (Reverse De la Riva / Closed Guard)

This week we will be focusing on the bottom position. We’ll be focusing on some closed guard and reverse de la riva work this week.

Fundamentals Class

  • Escape side control to guard
  • Overhook triangle
  • Overhook omoplata

All Levels Class

  • Introduction to reverse DLR guard
  • Transition to x-guard
  • Transition to sitting guard sweep

Advanced Class

  • Defend knee slide using reverse DLR guard
  • Kiss of the dragon to the back
  • Connect to berimbolo

No Gi

  • Defend knee slide using reverse DLR guard
  • Kiss of the dragon to the back
  • Attack kneebar/toe hold